Sep 27 - Oct 14, 2018

Asian Film Academy 2018

2009 Dean's Letter

Whatever art it is, to create is something to be scared of. How hard an artist tries to hide, one's work embarrassingly lays bare what the artist thinks and how s/he perceives the world just as it is. Although people say that the film is a collective work, it is still the achievement of a director, and also you can't run away from it only for being young that the director, that is to say the author, inevitably exposes what s/he is through one's work to the others.

By the way, do you aim to be a professional director in the future? If so, it is the authorship that you should train for from now on. That 'authorship' is the only thing which will powerfully support you from inside of yourself to the end and also it is the best and most basic motive to lead you to keep creating whatever adversity you meet. I sincerely hope the filmmaking you young wannabe filmmakers look forward to is such a work. And also, I want to call someone, who continues to do such a work through one's lifetime, a professional.

If your aim is to make money through your work, I don't call you a professional. Such a person will run away from filmmaking as soon as s/he finds out it won't make money. If your aim is to make your name as a so-called director, I also don't agree that you're a professional. You will lose the intention to make more films as soon as you fail to attract the world's attention. If you're not those kinds and you're the one who truly wants to be a professional director, you will stick to filmmaking in all weathers. That's all. That's the only thing I want to tell you.

The Film is worth doing, and what you need for it is not the money or the public recognition but yourself. You will get to know the world through films and the whole world will oppress you in the name of the film. The film work should be born where these two intensely crash against each other. Trained while you repeat this crash over and over again, you will find some confidence that grows in your heart slowly and gradually, and that's the very 'authorship' I mentioned.