Sep 27 - Oct 14, 2018

Asian Film Academy 2018

2008 Dean's Letter

This is my second time to take a role as Dean of AFA. But then again, I have been quite involved with AFA since it was launched in 2005. The basic idea of AFA is participating in productions and making two short films. Then is it the same every year? I must say it’s not. I find the difference in AFA every year. Different faculty members, different fellows, and different ideas, it constantly changes just like life.

I graduated film school and have made films for 28 years. But still, I’d rather feel like a student than a master of filmmaking. It is because life changes; the time is changing and the most of all people are changing. You may go to the film school and participate in the workshop program like AFA. Eventually you will graduate from the school and finish the program. But learning this craft would never stop.

I believe the film is the art of collaboration. Understanding other art forms and appreciating other people’s ideas and talents, they will bring the work of art in the name of film. AFA is a rare experience to meet and work together with different filmmakers from all over Asia. It will offer you to respect other people’s ideas and to widen your perspective.

Four years ago, in my first Dean’s letter, I said, “we cannot teach filmmaking.” I still believe so. We cannot teach filmmaking. We only give a chance to students to express their passion. I hope, as a Dean, AFA can be a part of your passion.

HOU Hsiao Hsien