Sep 27 - Oct 14, 2018

Asian Film Academy 2018

2008 Faculty

Director HOU Hsiao Hsien who was the first Dean of AFA, was born in 1947 at China and moved to Taiwan at the year of 1948 and majored Film in National Taiwan University of Arts.

He had his film debut with "Cute Girl"(1980), and with "The Boys from Fengkuei"(1983) he started to get the spot light from the world and "A Time to Live and a Time to Die"(1985) and "A City of Sadness"(1989), "In the Hands of a Puppet Master"(1993) made him stand with the world-class directors. Besides these films he has his representative movies such as "Flowers of Shanghai"(1998), "Cafe Lumiere"(2003) and "Three Times"(2005) which was the opening film of 10th PUSAN International Film Festival. Recently he has been praised by showing the practical life in Paris with "Flight of the Red Balloon"(2007) which was the first movie of the series to commemorative the musee d'orsay's 20th birthday.

HOU Hsiao Hsien who is taking part as the dean of AFA once again will hand down his passion and know-how in cinema to the fellows of AFA 2008.

OH Seok-geun
Director PARK Ki-yong's feature directorial debut "Motel Cactus"(1997) received The New Currents Award at Pusan Int'l Film Festival and the Jury Prize at Fribourg Int'l Film Festival. His second endeavor "Camel(s)"(2001) which presented a deep understanding of digital arts won The Grand Prix and The SAA Script Award at Fribourg Int'l Film Festival. He also has produced "To the Starry Island"(1993), "Cinema on the Road"(1995), Korean episode of BFI's The Century of Cinema series, and "JANG Sunwoo Variation"(2000).

He has been the executive director of Korean Academy of Film Arts which is the national film school since 2001 and co-director of Cinema Digital Seoul, a new film festival focusing on digital films. He served as a member of the faculty for the 1st AFA and has been the Deputy Dean of AFA since the 2nd edition. He will aid the dean and coordinate overall proceedings of AFA.

SONG Il-gon
Director Brillante Ma. MENDOZA majored in Advertising at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila. He has been a production designer in film, play, and TV advertisement for 10 years. In Mid-2004, he made his feature film debut with "Masahista (The Masseur)"(2005), which won Golden Leopard in Video at the 2005 Locarno International Film Festival in Switzerland.

After that he has become one of Philippines leading directors and made a achievement in promoting Philippines to the world through his films such as "Summer Heat"(2006),

Within a short period of three years as a film director and with only six films to his credit, MENDOZA's career has been followed religiously by foreign critics, as gleaned from their reviews of his films. Critics have taken particular notice of his film subjects, deeply rooted in culture, the truthful and honest portrayal of the Filipino people, and the treatment of prevalent social conditions and issues in the Philippines.

After making his feature film debut with "The 36th Chamber of Shaolin"(1978, Chia-Liang Liu), cinematographer Arthur WONG has worked on over 110 feature films alongside the best local directors including Woo Ping Yuen, John Woo, Ringo Lam, Sammo Hung, Jackie Chan, Clara Law, Ann Hui, Tsui Hark and Peter Chan.

He was praised for the best cinematographer in Hong Kong through one of the most famous Hong Kong movies in 90s, "Once upon a Time in China 1, 2, 4", as well as other films like "Armour of God 2", "A Chinese Ghost Story 2", "A Moment of Romance 2", "Dragon Inn". He has also partaken several international projects such as "Silk"(2006, Su Chao-pin, Taiwan), "The Treatment"(2001, Xiaolong Zheng, China), "Knock Off"(1998, Hark Tsui, USA), "Double Vision"(2002, Kuo-fu Chen, USA), "The Medallion"(2003, Gordon Chan, USA), "Sleepless Town"(1998, Chi-Ngai Lee, Japan) and he was recruited by Columbia Pictures in 2004 as the Director of Photography for Kurt Wimmer's production "Ultraviolet", starring Milla Jovovich as Violet. The production was the first feature shot with the high definition equipment (Sony 950) in Asia.

Mr. Wong is currently the Honorary Chairman of the Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers, devotes his time seeking to obtain the ever-evolving technique on cinematography, such as high definition technology; share with the association aiming to boost the standard of local professional. In the last two decades The Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers has also honored him with nine outstanding achievement awards.