Sep 27 - Oct 14, 2018

Asian Film Academy 2018

2006 Faculty

IM Kwontaek, director of our generation who represents Korea, Asia and the globe, joins AFA as dean. He will introduce AFA fellows to his deep and wide film world at Dean's Master Class and will inspire them with his unique cinematic sensitivity.

He made his debut in 1962 with "Farewell to the Duman River." He started to gain international recognition as "A Buddhist Ascetic Mandara" (1981) was nominated at Berlin International Film Festival and received International Peace Medal at Chicago International Film Festival with "Gilsodom" (1986). "Seopyeonje" (1993) won Golden Goblet awards, for Best Director and Best Actress at Shanghai International Film Festival, and "Chunhyang - Le Chant de la fidele Chunhyang" (1999) was nominated for Golden Palm Award at Cannes Film Festival. "Painted Fire" (2002) openly established his status as an internationally celebrated director by winning Best Director at Cannes. In 2005, he was awarded Honorary Golden Berlin Bear at Berlin.

His other notable works include "The Surrogate Woman" (1986, Best Actress, Venice Film Festival), "Adada" (1988, Best Actress, Montreal World Film Festival), "Aje Aje Bara Aje" (1989), "Son of the General" (1990), "Festival" (1996), "Chang/Downfall" (1997) and "Low Life" (2004). He is currently working on his 100th film, "Cheonnyeonhak."
OH Seok-geun
Director Bak Giyong will aid AFA Dean and will coordinate overall proceedings of AFA.

Currently Executive Director of Korean Academy of Film Arts, Korean Film Council, he served as AFA 2005 faculty. His feature directorial debut 'Motel Cactus' (1997) received New Currents Award at Pusan Int'l Film Festival, FIPRESCI award at Rotterdam Int'l Film Festival and Jury Prize at Fribourg Int'l Film Festival. His second endeavor 'Camel(s)'(2001) won Grand Prix and SAA Script Award at Fribourg Int'l Film Festival.
SONG Il-gon
Director Darezhan OMIRBAYEV will pair with Korean cinematographer PAK Kiung to guide AFA 2006 fellows with their short film project, and through one on one mentoring and workshops he will share with the fellows his serious and introspective film world.

Darejan OMIRBAYEV was born in 1958. He received a BA in applied mathematics from the University of Kazakhstan and studied at Moscow VGIK. He worked for New Film magazine as a film critic.

`Kairat` (1991), his debut feature film, was awarded the Silver Leopard Prize at Locarno International Film Festival and the FIPRESCI Prize. `Kardiogram` (1995) was invited to compete at Venice Film Festival and was awarded the Golden Lion Prize. `Killer` (1998), a Kazakhstan-France joint production, received Un Certain Regard Award at Cannes Film Festival. `The Road` (2001) was invited to Pusan International Film Festival for Window on Asian Cinema.

He was invited at 2006 Jeonju International Film Festival for Digital Short Films by Three Film Makers with Eric KHOO from Singapore and Pen-ek RATANARUANG from Thailand, and directed a short film `About Love` (2006).
Cinematographer TAKAMA Kenji will pair with Korean director BAE Changho to guide AFA 2006 fellows with their short film project, and through one on one mentoring and workshops he will share with the fellows his diverse and kaleidoscopic experiences in his film career.

He was born in 1949. His first full director of photography was in `Gassan` (1978). He got scholarship for the Artists` Training Program of Japanese Culture Agency and spent a year in Hollywood and New York (1981-82) where he received training under John Alonzo in `Blue Thunder` and under John Alcott in `The Beast Master` to name a few.

He received two photography awards consecutively at Yokohama Film Festival for `Summer Vacation: 1999` (1987) and `Misty Kid of Wind` (1988). He received a Best Photography at Osaka Film Festival for `Hear the Duck`s Song` (1993). He was nominated for best photography at Japanese Academy Award for `Welcome Back, Mr. MacDonald` (1997).

His recent works include `God`s Left Hand, Devil`s Right Hand` (Shusuke Kaneko, 2005), `9/10` (Masatoshi Tojo, 2005), `Life on the Longboard` (Ichiro Kita, 2004) and `Road 88` (Genji Nakamura, 2004). He is currently working with Shusuke Kaneko for `Death Note 2.`
Director BAE Changho will pair with cinematographer TAKAMA Kenji to guide AFA 2006 fellows with their short film project, and through one on one mentoring and workshops he will advise the fellows with depth on the way of filmmaking which he likens to a life journey.

He was born in 1953. He graduated from Yonsei University in Korea with a BA in Business. He was a visiting professor at San Jose State University, USA and currently is a professor of film at Konkuk University in Korea.

He received Special Jury Award and Audience Award at The 1st Benodet International Film Festival in France, and Audience Award at Udine Far East Film Festival in Italy for `My Heart` in 1999. And he won the Best Feature Film Award at Philadelphia Film Festival for `Road`(2005).

His remarkable works include `People of the Slum` (1982), `Whale Hunter` (1984), `How Warm Was the Winter` (1984), `Deep Blue Night` (1985), `Hello, God` (1987), `Our Sweet Days of Youth` (1988), `The Young Man` (1994), `Love story` (1996), `My Heart` (1999), `Last Witness` (2001), `Road`(2005).

Cinematographer PAK Kiung will pair with director Darezhan OMIRBAYEV to guide AFA 2006 fellows with their short film project, and through one on one mentoring and workshops he will share with the fellows his extensive, subtle know-how of filmmaking.

He was born in 1965. He received a BA in History from Seoul National University and studied cinematography at Moscow VGIK. He currently is a professor at Graduate School of Advanced Imaging Science, Multimedia & Film, Chung-Ang University, Korea.

His main works are `L`Abri` (2001), `Dance With Solitude` (2003), `Desire` (2003), `Do You Like Spring Bear?` (2003), `Kyunguisun` (2006), `Heavenly Path` (2006).