Sep 27 - Oct 14, 2018

Asian Film Academy 2018

2010 Dean's Letter


I am very glad to have a chance to meet young filmmakers and encourage them. We are here from all over the world with different nationalities and cultures. All the different people in the world, regardless of their differences in appearance, beliefs, language and the way of life, still have one common thing and that is what's inside all of us. There must be opportunities that we could see through each other and learn from it.

There are numerous young people who have chosen the art of cinema as their means of expression and careers like fellows gathered here. Whether they like it or not, the obvious thing is that we make a film in our own circumstance and reality. We often face many kinds of obstacles which frustrate us. But even in those restrictive realities, we can find out the truth of life as well.

I have been making films for 40 years. There are various individuals in my films and it reflects everything I’ve experienced. I find myself through my films. I believe that we, as filmmakers, have a responsibility to be in touch with the audience and share questions in our mind.

I am still learning cinema and life through my works. We may not be able to learn them for a couple of weeks or months. Maybe it could take a life time. Nevertheless “one moment” can be enough to change one’s life completely. Gathering young filmmakers, sharing ideas and working together, I believe we could make “the moment” during AFA in Busan.

Asian Film Academy 2010