Sep 27 - Oct 14, 2018

Asian Film Academy 2018

2010 Instructors

Cinematography Supervisor SONG Jin-yeol
2010 Father Is a Dog Director LEE Sangwoo
2010 All about My Father Director LEE Sangwoo, KIM Hun, HWANG Hui-gyeong
2009 In the Dark Director YOON Jae-ho

Cinematography Supervisor KIM Sun-ryung
2009 The Arch of Enlightenment Director Howard REID
2007 Veil of Dreams Director Zaihirat Banu CODELLI
2006 Hearty Paws Director PARK Eun-hyung, OH Dal-kyun

Cinematography Supervisor LEIGH Kang-min
2009 Dear Music: That Is, Their Fantasy Heading For the Sea Director PARK Sung-ho
2008 Relay (segment of If You Were Me 4) Director LEE Hyeon-seung
2007 Our Town Director JUNG Gil-young

Lighting Supervisor PARK Hyun-won
2009 Thirst Director PARK Chan-wook
2006 I'm a Cyborg, but that's OK Director PARK Chan-wook
2005 Sympathy For Lady Vengeance Director PARK Chan-wook

Editing Supervisor KIM Chang-ju
2010 71-Into the Fire Director John H. LEE
2009 Marine boy Director YOUN Jong-suk
2007 Wide Awake Director Lee Gyu-man

Editing Supervisor KIM Woo-il
2010 Bomini Director KIM Bang-hyun
2008 Beastie Boys Director YOON Jong-bin
2005 The Unforgiven Director YOON Jong-bin

Sound Design Supervisor SON Hyun-seok
2007 Nine Squares Director SON Hyun-seok
2006 Oh My Baby Director SON Hyun-seok
2003 She Wept Director HA Sang-mok

Sound Design Supervisor CHOI Wan-gyu
2007 Bravo My Life Director PARK Young-hoon
2006 Oh! My Sweetheart! Director PARK Ji-won

Sound Design Supervisor HAN Myunghwan
2010 Poetry Director LEE Chang-dong
2010 Barefoot Dream Director KIM Tae-kyun
2009 Take Off Director KIM Yong-hwa

Location Recording Supervisor YI Sang-jun
2010 The Man from Nowhere Director LEE Jeong-beom
2009 At the Gas Station 2 Director KIM Sang-jin
2009 Take Off Director KIM Yong-hwa

Production Design Supervisor CHOI Geon-woo
2009 City of Fathers Director PARK Ji-won
2007 Double Play Director HAN Seung-lim
2006 Time Director KIM Gi-duk

Music Supervisor SHIM Hyun-jung
2010 The Man from Nowhere DirectorLEE Jeong-beom
2008 Sakwa Director KANG Yikwan
2010 The Man from Nowhere Director LEE Jeong-beom