Sep 27 - Oct 14, 2018

Asian Film Academy 2018

2011 Instructors

LEE Moo-yeong

Scenario Supervisor LEE Moo-yeong
2006 Like Father, Like Son Director LEE Moo-yeong
2005 Boy Goes to Heaven Director YOON Tae-yong
002 Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance Director PARK Chan-wook

LEE Jooick

Producing Supervisor LEE Jooick
2010 Late Autumn Director KIM Tae-yong
2010 The Warrior's Way Director LEE Sngmoo
2007 The Battle of wits Director Jacob CHEUNG

KIM Byung Il

Cinematography Supervisor KIM Byung Il
2010 Gam-3D Director CHU sang rok
2003 Untold Scandal Director LEE J-yong
2002 Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance Director PARK Chan-wook

SONG Jin-yeul

Cinematography Supervisor SONG Jin-yeul
2011 A flower in a hell Director LEE Sangwoo
2010 Father is a Dog Director LEE Sangwoo
2010 All about My Father director LEE Sangwoo, KIM Hun, HWANG Hui-gyeong

KOO Jae-mo

Cinematography Supervisor KOO Jae-mo
2007 Lucky Dog Director ZHANG Meng
2005 The Windmill Palm Grove Director YOU Jonathan
2002 Desire Director KIM Eung-su

Lim Jae Young

Lighting Supervisor LIM Jae Young
2007 Hwang Jin Yi Director CHANG Yoon-hyun
2000 Joint Security Area Director PARK Chan-wook
1999 Tell Me Something Director CHANG Yoon-hyun

CHOI Geun Woo

Production Design Supervisor CHOI Geun Woo
2010 Short! Short! Short! 2010 Director HAN Jihyeh
2009 City of Fathers Director PARK Ji-won
2006 Time Director KIM Kiduk

YIM Dong-seok Location Recording Supervisor YIM Dong-seok
2009 My Girlfriend Is an Agent Director SHIN Terra
2007 May 18 KIM Ji-hoon
2000 Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors Director HONG Sangsoo
YIM Dong-seok

Sound Design Supervisor SON Hyun-seok
2010 Paris, Waves Director SON Hyun-seok
2007 Nine Squares Director SON Hyun-seok
2006 Oh My Baby Director SON Hyun-seok

HAN Myunghwan Sound Design Supervisor HAN Myunghwan
2010 Poetry Director LEE Chang-dong
2010 Barefoot Dream Director KIM Tae-kyun
2009 Take Off Director KIM Yong-hwa
CHOI Wan-kyu

Sound Design Supervisor CHOI Wan-kyu
2007 Bravo My Life Director PARK Young-hoon
2006 Oh! My Sweetheart! Director PARK Ji-won

KIM Chang-ju

Editing Supervisor KIM Chang-ju
2011 Choejongbyeonggi Hwal Director KIM Han-min
2011 Children Director Lee Gyu-man
010 71-Into the Fire Director John H. LEE

OH Byung Geol

DI Supervisor OH Byung Geol
2010 Eternity Director Sivaroj KONGSAKUL
2009 Woman on Fire Looks for Water Director WOO Ming Jin
2009 At the End of Daybreak Director HO Yuhang

SHIM Hyun-jung

Music Supervisor SHIM Hyun-jung
2010 The Man from Nowhere Director LEE Jeong-beom
2008 Sakwa Director KANG Yikwan
2003 Old Boy Director PARK Chan-wook