Sep 27 - Oct 14, 2018

Asian Film Academy 2018

2011 Dean's Letter

Film making has many facets. It may be sheer money making business, it may be sheer entertainment and it may be a cultural mission. This last understanding is closest to my heart. However I respect all other approaches to film, excluding exploitation: gratuitous violence and pornography intended as a source of profit (the acceptable limits of sexual explicity are subject of open debate).

To all of you, young film makers, I would like to send a message: our globalized world is in the process of a dramatic transition. Our world changes faster than our minds and our hearts. Film changes fast as well. In all this process, I believe what really counts is sincerity of an artist, his or her passion to express highest possible understanding of our human condition and perspectives of mankind.

Art understood as mission is demanding, often disturbing and painful but it brings humans to some deeper understanding of our fragile existence. It helps people to grow. It prevents people from degradation.

Film is an art whenever film maker sincerely tries to find his deepest understanding of the truth which is an expression of goodness and beauty.

Art like science deals with mystery. Like all creative activities it gives a human being a chance to transcend our own limitations and approach what is unapproachable - like the line of the horizon. I wish you all to move towards the unknown and understand that no one will ever reach full enlightment. It is up to you to lead your viewers towards the spiritual growth and transmit the wisdom accumulated by previous generations.

Krzysztof ZANUSSI
Asian Film Academy 2011