Sep 27 - Oct 14, 2018

Asian Film Academy 2018

2012 Faculty

JIA Zhangke
Jia Zhangke was born in 1970 in Fenyang, Shanxi, China. He is one of the most celebrated film directors among Chinese Sixth Generation filmmakers with a unique style and auteurial voice in the global film sphere. Jia was an art student at the Shanxi University in Taiyuan. However, he decided to drop out college to be a director, and eventually entered China's prestigious Beijing Film Academy.

Jia launched his international career at the Busan International Film Festival. His first feature film Xiao Wu(1997) won the New Currents Award at the 3rd Busan International Film Festival followed by the Golden Montgolfiere at the Nantes Three Continents Festival and the Dragons & Tigers Award for Young East Asian Cinema at the Vancouver International Film Festival. His second feature Platform(2000), which was realized through the Pusan Promotion Plan (PPP, current Asian Project Market), won the Awards for Best Feature both at the Nantes Three Continents Festival and Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival. In Public(2001), Unknown Pleasures(2002), and The World(2004) received critical acclaim at the major international film festivals through his consistent work on films. Still Life(2006), which typically presents Jia's significant cinematic vision and aesthetics, reaffirmed his excellent ability in directing by winning the Golden Lion at the Venice International Film Festival.

Recently, Jia has expanded his career as a producer producing films of young Chinese film directors including Yulu(2011) and Mr. Tree(2011) which reflect his past experience and passion. As the Dean of the AFA, Jia will provide young talented filmmakers with a fresh insight based on his exclusive directing style.
OH Seok-geun
Oh Seok-geun, the director of the Busan Film Commission, is a graduate of Korean Academy of Film Arts. He was an assistant director of Gagman(1988) and My Bride My Love(1990), directed by Lee Myung-se. Then he made his feature film debut with As you please(1991) produced by Film Factory Seoul and directed The 101st Proposition(1993), in which Kim Hee-ae and Moon Sung-keun starred in the lead roles. Then he directed Love is a Crazy Thing(2005) after a 10-year hiatus. It was presented at the Udine Far East Film Festival, the Gothenburg Film Festival, the Bangkok International Film Festival and the Tokyo International Film Festival.

Laying the foundation for the Busan International Film Festival, Oh Seok-geun served as the first General Manager of the Festival. Currently he is the Director of the Busan Film Commission. He focuses on establishing a solid foundation for a pan-Asian production network system. As a part of this project, he founded the film company called Balcon Corporation in 2007, which discovers promising Asian filmmakers and offers distribution opportunities for the independent films. Oh also produced the omnibus film Camellia(2010) with Korean, Japanese, and Thai directors. The film was selected as the closing film at the Busan International Film Festival in 2010.

Being inaugurated as the director of Busan Film Commission in 2010, he has been dedicating himself to promote Busan as the center of film industry. His broad and abundant experience in directing and producing will present a new cinematic vision to AFA fellows.
Born in 1962 in Lorestan Province, Iran, Parviz Shahbazi is a distinguished Iranian film director, screen writer, and editor. He graduated from Iran Broadcasting College in Teheran. During the early 80's, he began writing short stories and directing short films such as The Rope(1990) and documentaries such as Kapa(1986) and Black Spring(1991). Since then, he directed his feature films Traveller from the South(1997), Whispers(2000) and Deep Breath(2003).

Shahbazi's debut feature Traveller from the Southwas invited to and awarded at many film festivals including the Tokyo International Film Festival and the Torino Film Festival. Shahbazi rose as one of the promising international filmmakers when Deep Breath was invited to Director's Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival. He went on to win the FIPRESCI Award at the 8th Busan International Film Festival, the Crystal Simorgh Prize for best screenplay at the Fajr Film Festival, and the Special Award at the Torino International Film Festival.

His other project Answers to Letter selected by Asian Project Market (PPP, Pusan Promotion Plan) in 2006 and his recent film Karat 14(2009) were invited to the A Window on Asian Cinema section of the 14th Busan International Film Festival. Having rich and deep experience in both fiction films and documentaries, Parviz Shahbazi will offer his long-accumulated know-how on cinema to the AFA fellows this year.
Born in 1953 in Tokyo, Japan, Watanabe Makoto studied Theatre and Film Arts at Waseda University. He began his career at commercial film as an assistant cameraman. He then came to cinematography in 1981 by joining director Morita Yoshimitsu's first film, No yohna mono(1981).

In 1984, he moved to the U.S. and attended the American Film Institute (AFI). Since then, he worked back and forth between two countries for nearly 20 years until he was named Professor of Visual Media at Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences in 2002. He worked with many film directors in Out of the Rain(1991), Emergency Call(1995), To Sing of Love(2002), The Kiss(2007), The Witch of the West Is Dead(2008), and Soul Red: Yusaku Matsuda(2009).

Watanabe currently holds the position of Director of Japanese Society of Cinematographer and the Dean of the Department of Visual Media at Nagoya University of Arts and Science. Based on his wide experience in the U.S. and Japan, he will teach fellows to learn filmic ways to capture remarkable images and emotions that they want to express.