Sep 27 - Oct 14, 2018

Asian Film Academy 2018

2012 Instructors

Script Writing Supervisor LEE Moo-yeong
LEE Moo-yeong
  • 2008 Like Father, Like Son Director LEE Moo-yeong
  • 2005 Boy Goes to Heaven Director YOON Tae-yong
  • 2002 Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance Director PARK Chan-wook
Producing Supervisor LEE Jooick
LEE Jooick
  • 2011 Late Autumn Director KIM Tae-yong
  • 2010 The Worrior's Way Director LEE Sngmoo
  • 2007 Battle of Wits Director Jacob CHEUNG
Cinematography Supervisor KIM Sun-ryung
KIM Sun-ryung
  • 2012 Guide to Success Life for a Socially Challenged Woman Director LEE Won-suk
  • 2009 The Arch of Enlightenment Director Howard REID
  • 2006 Hearty Paws Director PARK Eun-hyung, OH Dal-kyun
Cinematography SONG Jin-yeul
SONG Jin-yeul
  • 2012 A Flower in a Hell Director LEE Sangwoo
  • 2010 Father is a Dog Director LEE Sangwoo
  • 2010 All about My Father Director Lee Sangwoo, KIM Hun, HWANG Hui-gyeong
Lighting Supervisor LIM Jae Young
LIM Jae Young
  • 2007 Hwang Jin Yi Director CHANG Yoon-hyun
  • 2000 Joint Security Area Director PARK Chan-wook
  • 1999 Tell Me Something Director CHANG Yoon-hyun
Production Design Supervisor CHOI Geun Woo
CHOI Geun Woo
  • 2010 Short! Short! Short! 2010 Director HAN Jihyeh
  • 2009 City of Fathers Director PARK Ji-won
  • 2006 Time Director KIM Kiduk
Production Sound Supervisor KIM Dong-eui
CHOI Geun Woo
  • 2006 A Dirty Carnival Director YOO Ha
  • 2006 Tazza: The High Rollers Director CHOI Dong-hoon
  • 2002 Who Are U? Director CHOI Ho
Sound Design Supervisor SON Hyun-seok
SON Hyun-seok
  • 2011 Road 1021 Director SON Hyun-seok
  • 2010 Paris, Waves Director SON Hyun-seok
  • 2007 Nine Squares Director SON Hyun-seok
Sound Design Supervisor CHOI Wan-kyu
CHOI Wan-kyu
  • 2007 Bravo My Life Director PARK Yong-hoon
  • 2006 Oh! My Sweetheart Director PARK Ji-won
Sound Design Supervisor HAN Myunghwan
HAN Myunghwan
  • 2010 Poetry Director LEE Chang-dong
  • 2010 Barefoot Dream Director KIM Tae-kyun
  • 2009 Take Off Director KIM Yong-hwa
Editing Supervisor KIM Chang-ju
KIM Chang-ju
  • 2012 Gan Cheop Director WOO Minho
  • 2011 Perfect Game Director PARK Hui-gon
  • 2010 Arrow, The Ultimate Weapon Director KIM Han-min
DI Supervisor OH Byung Geol
OH Byung Geol
  • 2010 Eternity Director Sivaroj KONGSAKUL
  • 2009 Woman on Fire Looks for Water Director WOO Ming Jin
  • 2009 At the End of Daybreak Director HO Yuhang
Music Supervisor Han Jae Gweon
Han Jae Gweon
  • 2012 A Millionaire on the Run Director KIM Ik-ro
  • 2011 Goraereul Channeun Jajeongeo Director GIM Yeongro
  • 2009 Good Morning President Director JANG jin