26 SEP - 13 OCT 2019

Asian Film Academy 2019

[AFA 2019] Call for AFA alumni Technical Assistant (TA)|

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Applications are now open

for Alumni Technical Assistant (TA) !

Apply by August 4th, 2019



Asian Film Academy 2019 will be held from September 26 to October 13, 2019 in Busan, Korea. AFA team is calling for alumni TA who can come back to AFA and share the new experiences with this year’s fellows. If you are interested in joining AFA 2019 as alumni TA, please check out the information below.


Who Can Apply

- As a former participant of AFA, who are able to attend all official program of AFA 2019

- Who has been experienced in each TA position below


How to Apply

a) Choose one of three TA positions - Cinematography TA, Editing TA, and Sound TA

b) Download ‘AFA 2019 TA Application Form’ attached below

c) Fill out and submit your application form to afaguest@biff.kr

d) Deadline: August 4, 2019


Role & Responsibility

- Cinematography TA will support fellow cinematographers and help them technically with the cinematography mentor during AFA 2019. (e.g. to care of film equipment, to support camera hands-on training, test shooting, and shooting on-set etc.)

Editing TA will support fellows for the post-production. (e.g. collecting and organizing all the elements needed to edit the film, assisting an editing instructor or any other help related to editing from pre to post-production during AFA 2019)

- Sound TA will support fellows for the post-production. (e.g. assisting a sound design instructor or any other help related sound part from pre to post during AFA 2019)

- Accept the position and team division designated by AFA.

- Be a senior fellow for new fellows and to make AFA 2019 go well with AFA team.

- Cooperate with and behave respectfully and responsibly to all those participating in AFA 2019 as well as in BIFF 2019.


Benefits for Selected Alumni Applicants

- TA will be officially invited to AFA 2019

- A round-trip economy class air ticket (from the major city of the TA’s country to Busan) provided

- A bed (sharing a room with others for the period of TA’s stay during only AFA) provided

- AFA badge + package (AFA uniform & booklet included)

- TA Certification


Additional Information

- AFA will not cover TA’s visa fee in case that the selected TA need one to visit Korea.

- The period of TA’s stay can be flexible, depending on their roles.

- TA role depends on the team condition each year.

- TA Selection Announcement: in mid-August, 2019 on AFA Facebook page and webpage


Further questions? afaguest@biff.kr