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Recruiting Trainees for ASEAN-ROK Film Leaders Incubator : Fly 2016 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia|

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Recruiting Trainees for ASEAN-ROK Film Leaders Incubator : Fly 2016 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

ASEAN-ROK Film Leaders Incubator: FLY2016(hereinafter FLY2016), an ASEAN-ROK Co-operation Project and a filmmaking workshop co-organized by Busan Film Commission(BFC), Cambodia Film Commission, Asian Film Commissions Network(hereinafter AFCNet) and Busan Asian Film School, calls for applications.
FLY2016 seeks to nurture the future leaders of Asian film industry by discovering young, aspiring film talents from the 10 ASEAN countries and Korea, as well as to establish a stable filmmaking infrastructure in the region, which can contribute to future productions of diverse films in Asia. Anyone interested and passionate in filmmaking is sincerely welcome to apply.

1. Overview
○ When: October 31 – November 13, 2016 (14days)
○ Where: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
○ Curriculum
 - 8-Week Online Pre-production
 - Intensive Filmmaking Workshop and Exercise
 - Special Lecture
 - Screenings with Instructors, followed by Q&A Session
 - Small-Group Mentoring Session
 - Production of 2 Short Films
○ Announcement for Recruitment: June 1 – July 20, 2016
○ Application Period: July 13 – July 20, 2016
○ Application Deadline: July 20, 2016
○ Finalists Announcement: August 19, 2016
○ 8-Week Online Pre-production: August 29 – October 23, 2016
○ FLY2016 Project Period: October 31 – November 13, 2016

2. Qualifications
○ Nationality: One of the 10 ASEAN member nations (Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam) or Republic of Korea
○ Born between 1991—2000 (Exceptions can be made depending on different circumstances and talent pool in each country)
○ Experience in making at least 2 short films, documentaries and/or other video works
○ Fluent in English * Official language for FLY2016: English
○ No disqualifications for overseas travel
○ No experience in any of the programs from Busan International Film Festival—Asian Film Academy (AFA)

3. Application Guideline
○ Number of Finalists : 22 (2 finalists from each ASEAN member nation and Republic of Korea)
○ Application Method : E-mail Application
○ Depending on your nationality, please submit all the required documents and supporting materials to one of the organizations designated below.
- Republic of Korea: Busan Film Commission / www.bfc.or.kr / fly@filmbusan.kr
- Brunei Darussalam: Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports / www.kkbs.gov.bn / abdoh.damit@kkbs.gov.bn
- Cambodia: Cambodia Film Office, Cinema and Cultural Diffusion Department, Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts / cambodiafilm.gov.kh / pokborak@yahoo.com
- Indonesia: Film Development Center, Ministry of Education and Culture/ www.kemdikbud.go.id / nina.nurfalah@kemdikbud.go.id
- Lao PDR: Lao Cinema Department, Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism / www.doc.gov.la / nakhonebounmy@yahoo.com
- Myanmar: Motion Picture Development Branch Office, Information and Public Relations Department, Ministry of Information / mmpe.myanmar@gmail.com
- Philippines: Film Development Council of the Philippines / www.fdcp.ph / mikepccp@fdcp.ph
- Thailand: Thailand Film Office, Department of Tourism, Ministry of Tourism and Sport / www.thailandfilmoffice.org / film@thailandfilmoffice.org
- Vietnam: Vietnam Cinema Department, Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism / www.cucdienanh.vn / cucdienanh@fpt.vn
- Malaysia (independent method)
: 2 Finalists to be selected from the participants of the 2nd Next New Wave Young Filmmakers Workshop. (For inquiries, please contact National Film Development Corporation (FINAS) / sitinoraiysha@finas.my)
- Singapore (independent method)
: 2 Finalists to be selected from the MDA Media Education Scholarship applicants. (For inquiries, please contact Media Development Authority (MDA) / Alyssa_rae_TAN@mda.gov.sg)
○ Each organization will evaluate the documents and portfolios to select 2 finalists from each country, and will send the list to Busan Film Commission (AFCNet Secretariat)
○ Evaluation Process: Initial Evaluation(documents) → Secondary Evaluation (phone interviews and portfolios) * Each organization may conduct different methods of evaluation.

4. Required Documents for Application
○ Application Form
○ Cover Letter & Video of Self-Introduction (must be in English, 2-minute max) that include: motivation for application, self-introduction in relation to film work, and career plans in film industry
○ Portfolio: Video files of your past work examples for which you participated as a director, producer, director of cinematography, editor, production designer or sound mixer
* Prescribed forms can be downloaded from AFCNet / FLY2016 Website, as well as the entry organizations’ websites as specified above.
* All documents are required to be submitted via E-mail (portfolio(s) can be submitted either in the form of DVD(s) or E-mail with a downloadable web link).


5. Additional Information
○ Airfare, accommodation, meals and all types of education courses will be provided to all the selected trainees.
○ All the selected trainees must participate in all the courses of online pre-production.
○ 1 out of 2 Korean finalists will be a Busan resident.
○ Submitted documents are non-returnable.
○ If an applicant is proven to have made a false statement in the documents, the selection committee may revoke that person’s right to be selected as the finalist.

6. Contact for Further Questions
Busan Film Commission(AFCNet Secretariat): fly@filmbusan.kr