2019. 9. 26 - 10. 13

Asian Film Academy 2019

2017 참가자

Country Nepal
Name Kishore  ACHARYA
Gender M
Position Sound
Contact kishoreasb@hotmail.com
Kishore Acharya’s sincere love towards listening to music urged him to learn more about the process of making music. Hence, he decided to pursue a career in sound engineering and joined Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Film & Television Institute in Guwahati, India. Although music was his initial interest, the world of cinema fascinated him and made him realize that there is a lot more in the art of sound than just music. Currently, he is working as a location sound recordist and sound editor for Nepali films, TV series & Documentaries as well as non-Nepali projects. In future he wants to build his own proper film sound studio as well as sound library with sounds from Nepal.
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