2019. 9. 26 - 10. 13

Asian Film Academy 2019

2018 참가자

Country China
Name Story  CHEN
Nickname Story
Gender F
Position Production Design
Contact storychenstudio@126.com
Story graduated from NYU Tisch, and is an award-winning director with expertise in film, commercials and music videos. Her film A Woman’s Gaze (2015) won the Best Short Film award at the Hollywood International Film Festival. Her latest short film Marina (2017) premiered at the NYC Independent Film Festival, and won the Best International Short Film award at the Norwegian Film Festival. Her own identity as a hybrid of Eastern and Western culture cultivates her keen eye on prevailing themes of humanity, transcending cultural and racial differences. She focuses on depicting the emotional struggles of real life. Her stories also put a spotlight on minorities like Asian women, LGBTQ and children. Chen is currently working on her first feature, Mr. Chen in Bellevue Hospital, about a Chinese girl who thinks of herself as a man and is forced to face her past trauma in a New York mental hospital.
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