2019. 9. 26 - 10. 13

Asian Film Academy 2019

2018 참가자

Country Philippines
Name Cesca  LEE
Nickname Cesca
Gender F
Position Cinematography
Contact m.cescalee@gmail.com
Lee learned the ropes of film making by diving in head first - working on fast paced film sets and bustling shoots. Instead of going to film school, Lee did things the old-fashioned way, training first as a production assistant and then working her way up the ladder. In 2016 she caught her break, and was granted the opportunity to work as a cinematographer for the feature film Temporary Protection Order, a film that tackles women’s fight against domestic abuse. That same year, she received her first nomination in the Best Cinematography category at the ASEAN International Film Festival, and awards for her work on the film Purgatoryo. Geared with experience in filming both in her home country and abroad, she is always looking for new stories to tell, especially stories that center on children’s and women’s issues.
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