2019. 9. 26 - 10. 13

Asian Film Academy 2019

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Country China
Name Cecile  ZHANG
Nickname Cecile
Gender F
Position Cinematography
Cecile is a Chinese cinematographer who was recognized as the Junior DoP of 2018 by Pierre Angénieux ExcelLens in Cinematography at the Cannes Film Festival 2018. She was accepted into Beijing Film Academy at the age of 17 as the only woman of her academic year. While studying there for seven years, she took the opportunity to visit INSAS (Belgium) and USP (Brazil) as an exchange student to explore new creative boundaries. Cecile has shot many narratives, music videos and commercials. Her first feature WEIHAI (2018) has been selected into the São Paulo International Film Festival 2019. In 2019, she began working on a Brazil-China co-production in which she played a key role both as a producer and as a cinematographer. The production was shortlisted for the SIFF Project of the Shanghai International Film Festival 2019.
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